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Food features

Food is a big part of every travel experience and every country has it’s culinary traditions. Food Golf Travel has tracked down, photographed, written about, and eaten our way through some of the best food experiences the world can offer.

Golf features

Great golf courses exist in some of the most stunning locations on the planet. Food Golf Travel has travelled the world from desert landscapes to paradise islands through highlands and lowlands to produce top quality golf stories   

Travel features

Traveling the world opens your eyes to experience new colours, smells, sounds, landscapes, drinks and exotic foods that leave imprints in the mind. Food Golf Travel have journeyed to all four corners of the world to write and photograph and to produce travel stories which will leave the reader wanting to experience more …  

The Marshall Brothers

Andrew and Paul Marshall are brothers and best mates who share the interests of golf and travel. After a long journey or a day on the golf course you need food and drinks – and that’s how it all came together in our stories: food, golf and travel. Enjoy our stories and don’t hesitate to get in touch!